Free Reverse Mortgage Loan Calculator

Here at Review Counsel, we’re always looking for ways in which we can enhance our visitor’s experience. One of those most popular functions that we get asked for are tools that give visitors an indication as to what they may qualify for when it comes to a reverse mortgage loan. The tool that we’ve created can be accessed by clicking on the image below. In three easy steps, you’ll get a general estimate as far as what you may qualify for. Simply estimate your homes value, what your remaining mortgage balance is as well as the age of the oldest homeowner on title. This tool will then give you a loan estimate. Please note that this tool is just for illustrative purposes and individual lenders estimates may vary.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Calculator

For information on our top recommended reverse mortgage lenders please visit this page where we update lenders in each individual state on a continuous basis. We independently identify reverse mortgage companies and present objective information for consumers.