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About NASB Bank

NASB Bank Synopsis 

Review Summary: NASB Bank is both a lender and a full-service bank based out of Kansas City, Missouri. It has a deep offering of loan options as well as several mortgage programs for those who are looking to save some money on their loan.  

Recommended for: NASB Bank is a great pick for military members as it has closed more than 41,000 VA loans since 2010.  

Pros and Cons of NASB 


  • Free eBook for first time home buyers 

  • Informative blog 

  • Online banking and mobile app 

  • Mortgage calculators

  • Military-friendly 


  • Offices in Missouri only 

  • Not all loans and loan programs are available nationwide 

  • No USDA loans

NASB Bank Reviews 

Consumer Review Platform Rating 
Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ Rating; 1.4/5 Stars with 10 Reviews 
DepositAccounts 3.5/5 Stars with 36 Reviews
Trustpilot 2.6/5 Stars with 10 Reviews 

NASB Bank Full Review 


If you’re thinking of taking out a mortgage, you might be wondering what kind of options are available to you. NASB Bank offers a variety of mortgages that can suit different situations.  

NASB Bank is both a mortgage lender and a full-service bank. It has closed more than 100,000 home loans since 2010 totaling more than $30 billion.  

NASB has a very thorough offering of mortgage loans and mortgage programs for those who are in unique circumstances.  

NASB specializes in helping veterans obtain home loans. It has helped more than 41,000 veterans close their homes since 2010. The veteran home loans totaled more than $14 billion. 

NASB Mortgage Options 

NASB offers the following mortgage loans:  

  • Conventional loans (fixed rate and adjustable rate) 
  • VA home loans 
  • FHA loans 
  • Jumbo loans 
  • Mortgage Refinancing 
  • FLEX loans 
  • Non-conforming loan 
  • Bank Statement loan 
  • IRA Lending loan 
  • Investment real estate lending 

It also offers the following banking services:  

  • Checking accounts 
  • Savings accounts 
  • CD accounts 
  • Money Market accounts 

NASB bank also has several mortgage programs borrowers may qualify for, including:  

  • Zero Down Home Loan Program 
  • Home Buying Advantage 
  • Home Build Rate Protection 
  • Bank Statement Loan 
  • MHDC Mortgage Assistance Programs 
  • Good Neighbor Program 

NASB Mortgage Application Process  

Get Pre-approved 

NASB recommends that you begin the home-buying process by getting pre-approved for a home loan.  

The pre-approval process will take into account how much you have for a down payment, your credit score, income, and any other factors that are unique to you.  

NASB also recommends applying to at least three mortgage lenders, which will give you an opportunity to evaluate the rates and the terms of each lender so you can choose the one that’s the best fit for you.  

If you are already pre-approved for a loan, both realtors and sellers will be more willing to work with you because they will see you as a serious buyer.  

Shop for Your Home and Make an Offer 

By getting pre-approved, you will know how much home you can afford. This step allows you to start shopping for a home within your price range.  

Once you find a home that you like and is within your price range, you will make an offer with the help of your realtor.  

Once the seller accepts your offer, you and the seller will sign a purchase agreement.  

Finalize the Loan 

This is when the loan application process really begins. This is what you can expect:  

  • Finalize the lender. You will officially choose the lender you want to work with.  
  • Underwriting begins. Once you have chosen the lender you want to work with, the loan will move into underwriting, where you can expect to submit a lot of documentation. The underwriter needs to validate your income, credit, and anything else that’s required. The faster you respond to these requests, the faster the process will progress. Once this process is completed, you will be “cleared to close.” 
  • Closing. In the days leading up to closing, you will receive the terms of your loan. It will likely be similar to what you received in the pre-approval process. At closing, you will bring your down payment and money to cover closing costs. You will also sign all the required documents. Once this process is complete, the property is put in your name, and the mortgage is finalized.  

NASB Mortgage Rates and Fees 

The mortgage rates and fees are easy to find on NASB Bank’s website. This information is updated daily.  

NASB Bank’s interest rates are comparable with other lenders.  

Borrowers who live in Missouri may qualify for the Good Neighbor Program, which waives NASB’s lender fees.  

Lender fees will be waived for VA loans.  

NASB offers to pay $1,000 in closing fees through its On-Time Closing Guarantee program if a loan closes late, and NASB is responsible for the delay.  

NASB Bank Company Information 

NASB Bank originally went by the name City Building and Loan Association until 1927, when the name was changed to North America Savings Association (NASA). The name was changed again in 1990 to North American Savings Bank (NASB).  

It is now headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, and it has more than $2 billion in assets. 

NASB Bank is a full-service bank and a top mortgage lender in the country.  

NASB has offices in the following locations (all in Missouri): 

  • Grandview, Missouri 
  • Lee’s Summit, Missouri 
  • Independence, Missouri 
  • Harrisonville, Missouri 
  • Kansas City, Missouri 
  • Platte City Missouri 
  • Excelsior Springs, Missouri 
  • St. Joseph, Missouri 
  • Lexington, Missouri 

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Address: 903 E. 104th Street Building C, Suite 400 Kansas City, MO 64131

NMLS# 400039

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