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CHIP Reverse Mortgage

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About CHIP Reverse Mortgage

CHIP Reverse Mortgage Synopsis 

Review Summary: CHIP Reverse Mortgage is a reverse mortgage product sold by HomeEquity Bank in Canada. This option allows homeowners 55 years of age or older to take their equity in one lump sum or a partial lump sum with access to additional installments. 

Recommended for: The CHIP Reverse Mortgage is ideal for anyone who needs a large infusion of cash.  

Pros and Cons of HomeEquity Bank


  • Free information kit

  • Reverse mortgage calculator

  • Available in 10 provinces


  • Not available in Northwest Territory, Yukon Territory, Nunavut

CHIP Reverse Mortgage by HomeEquity Bank Reviews

HomeEquity Bank has the following online reviews available:

Consumer Review PlatformRating
Better Business BureauA+ Rating; 3.46/5 Stars with 13 Reviews
Google4.3/5 Stars with 263 Reviews 
Trustpilot4.9/5 Stars with 1,389 Reviews

CHIP Reverse Mortgage Full Review 


The CHIP Reverse Mortgage is a reverse mortgage product for Canadians sold by HomeEquity Bank in Toronto, Ontario. It was previously called The Canadian Home Income Plan.  

The CHIP Reverse Mortgage is for homeowners who are 55 years of age or older and who need extra cash, but want to stay in their home. A CHIP Reverse Mortgage is one way to do that.  

In order to qualify, the property must also be the homeowner’s primary residence and must have a minimum value of $250,000. A CHIP allows homeowners to access 55% of their home’s value.  

With this reverse mortgage product, homeowners receive part of their equity as one lump sum at the beginning. From there, they may take out additional advances at any time. 

This is a good option for those who need a large infusion of cash for any variety of reasons, from paying off a large debt to doing renovations on a home. 

HomeEquity Bank also sells the Income Advantage product that is for homeowners over 55 who are looking to increase their monthly cashflow.

CHIP Reverse Mortgage Loan Application Process 

Here is the application process you can expect: 

  • 1. Get a free estimate. A free estimate can be obtained online through the CHIP Reverse Mortgage website.  
  • 2. Initial phone meeting. In this step, you will speak with a reverse mortgage specialist who will help you understand how much equity you will qualify for.  
  • 3. Home appraisal. The home appraisal will determine the actual amount of equity you have in your home.  
  • 4. Qualification amount. Once the qualifying amount is determined, you can select how you want to receive the money.  
  • 5. Legal process. You will need to obtain independent legal advice, which is for your protection.  

HomeEquity Bank Information 

HomeEquity Bank was founded in 1986 and is based in Toronto, Ontario. HomeEquity is a Schedule 1 Canadian Bank.  

It is the only bank in Canada that provides reverse mortgages to Canadians. It is also the primary underwriter of reverse mortgages in Canada. 

HomeEquity Bank is a member of the Canadian Bankers Association. It is recommended by the Canadian Association for Retired Persons (CARP), which is an advocacy group for those in retirement. And it’s endorsed by The Royal Canadian Legion.  

HomeEquity Bank was acquired by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board in July 2022.  

Provinces Serviced by HomeEquity Bank

HomeEquity Bank serves the following 10 provinces

  • Alberta 
  • British Columbia 
  • Manitoba 
  • New Brunswick 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 
  • Nova Scotia 
  • Ontario 
  • Prince Edward Island 
  • Quebec 
  • Saskatchewan 

Office Locations 

  • Toronto, Ontario 
  • Vancouver, British Columbia 
  • Montreal, Quebec 

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Address: 1881 Yonge Street, Suite 300 Toronto, ON M4S 3C4

Reviews for CHIP Reverse Mortgage

3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
5 star50%
4 star0%
3 star0%
2 star0%
1 star50%

Not impressed

We approached them for a reverse mortgage option.

The ” offer” they presented was rubbish.

High interest, with a hold back 6 years of property Taxes,

Paid for an appraisal which they refuse to release back to us,

The appraiser was exceptionally rude on a follow up call.

So in the short, offer of 141.000 reverse with a 33,000 tax hold back

their legal fees and registration, then offering 101,000, not a lump sum payment

paid out over two years and interest accumulating upon an agreement.

Go to the local little Italy section in your town, find Guido and get a better deal.

September 1, 2023


I have a hip reverse mortgage on my home for two years now at number 46 Stuart dr in Mackenzie bc. I would like too know if there is any more available funds available for me. Thank you. D MAckill

August 31, 2022

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