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Chime Financial

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3.49 | ★ ★ ★

About Chime Financial

Chime Financial Synopsis

Review Summary:

Chime Financial is a fintech company that offers a credit card that is specifically designed for those who are working on building their credit. In addition, Chime also offers a checking account and savings account. To qualify, account holders must have a monthly deposit of $200 and an activated Chime Visa Debit Card.

Recommended for:

The Chime credit card is recommended for those who are trying to build their credit whether it’s for the first time or for those who are recovering from a low credit score. Chime is accessed exclusively online or through its mobile app. For this reason, customers will also need to be comfortable using these platforms.

Pros and Cons of Chime


  • Credit card for those building credit

  • No annual fee

  • No interest fees

  • Available in 50 states


  • Only one credit card

Chime Credit Card Reviews and Ratings

Customer Review PlatformRatings
Better Business Bureau (BBB)NR Rating; 4.2/5 Stars with 3,307 Reviews
Apple App Store (for the Chime Mobile Banking App) 4.8/5 Stars with 804.2k Reviews 
DepositAccounts2.5/5 Stars with 434 Reviews
Trustpilot2.5/5 Stars with 9,211 Reviews
TrustRadius2.5/5 Stars with 4 Reviews

Chime Financial Full Review 

Chime says that, technically, it is not a bank but a financial technology company. In addition to a credit card, Chime also offers a checking account and savings account. One of the perks of its checking account is that there are no overdraft fees up to $200 on debit card purchases as long as customers are part of the “SpotMe” program.  

In order to enroll in the SpotMe service, account holders need to have a monthly qualifying deposit of $200 and an activated Chime Visa Debit Card. The exact SpotMe limit will be decided by Chime by taking into consideration the account activity and history.  

Chime checking account holders can also opt to start spending the money from an upcoming paycheck up to two days early.  

Chime does not charge monthly service fees or minimum balance fees. 

Chime says that it offers its banking services through The Bancorp Bank, N.A. or Stride Bank, N.A.  

The Chime Credit Builder credit card is for those who are working on building their credit. The advantage of using the Chime credit card is that it does not require annual fees, interest, or a large security deposit. However, it does require a minimum security deposit. 

To use the credit card, Chime credit card holders start by moving money from their checking account into a secured account. The amount of money added to the secured account is how much money is available to spend on their credit card. The money that is put in the secured account is the money that Chime uses to automatically pay the credit card bill every month.  

Chime says that, on average, its customers see a 30-point increase in their credit score.  

Chime operates exclusively online and through its mobile banking app. 

Chime Credit Cards 

Chime only offers one credit card that is designed to help those who are trying to build their credit. Here are the details: 

Credit CardGreat For…Rewards / BenefitsAnnual FeeAPR
Chime Credit Builder Secured Visa® Credit Card Those trying to build and/or improve their credit scoreNo minimum security deposit required No Annual Fee No interest fees 

Chime Company Information

Years in Business (5 of 5 Stars)

Chime has been in business since 2012. We give companies who have been in business for at least 10 years five stars. We believe longevity is an important factor for consumers when considering a financial services company to do business with.

BBB Ratings (3 of 5 Stars)

Chime currently has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). For this reason, we gave it a score of three stars.

However, this is an improvement given that earlier in 2023, Chime had a score of F from the BBB.

At Review Counsel, we prioritize Business Bureau (BBB) ratings because of the thorough application process and ongoing monitoring that accredited businesses undergo. Achieving BBB accreditation holds considerable weight and garners high regard in the business community. BBB is renowned for setting a credibility standard that surpasses that of other rating agencies. This makes it a trustworthy resource for buyers looking to make informed decisions when selecting companies to engage with.

Customer Service Availability (5 of 5 Stars)

Chime offers 24/7 availability to its customers, which earns the company five stars for this category. Leading credit card companies offer 24/7 accessibility to cater to their customers. The assurance that you can depend on your financial services provider for assistance whenever required gives customers greater peace of mind and enhances the overall ease of the process.

State Licensing (5 of 5 Stars)

Chime is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, which earns the company five stars for its retail footprint.

Credit Cards Offered (1 of 5 Stars)

Chime only offers one credit card, which earns the company one star. The top-rated credit companies offer 20 or more credit cards to ensure that there is a credit card to serve a variety of needs.

If you’ve received a credit card from Chime, we would love to hear about it! Please leave a review below.

Our Methodology

We identify credit card companies to evaluate. The credit companies are then evaluated based on five factors that we believe are important for consumers: years in business, number of products offered, customer service availability, state licensing footprint, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) Ratings. Please find a full description of our rating system here.  

This information is intended to be general and educational in nature and should not be construed as financial advice. Consult your financial advisor before implementing financial strategies for your retirement. 

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Address: 77 Maiden Lane Floor 6, San Francisco, CA 94108

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