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    These are our top-rated Twitch TV streamers. They exemplify the following attributes that make them our recommended choices:

    • Highest amount of average viewers and followers
    • Unique content on multiple platforms
    • Full time streamers with consistent schedule

Twitch Streaming Guide

How Does Twitch Streaming Work?

Twitch streaming allows individuals to broadcast for an audience them playing video games, cooking, walking around town or anything else that they would like to showcase to their particular audience. Streamers can broadcast themselves with something as simple as a mobile phone or as sophisticated as having expensive studio level equipment set up in their homes.

With the tremendous growth of e-sports and mobile devices in which individuals are consuming new types of video content, streamers have found that their viewers have continued to increase each month. As e-sports grows and matures we’re seeing more mainstream acceptance and knowledge.  Recently you’ve seen professional athletesmusicians, and others join popular streamers while they broadcast.

Consumers can watch Twitch streams through their mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers as well as through their TVs with devices such as Amazon Fire TV and others.

How Do Streamers Make Money?

Twitch streamers make money in a variety of different ways. Some of them include the following:

  1. Subscriptions – Twitch offers the ability for viewers to show their support for streamers by subscribing to their channel. This eliminates commercials shown by Twitch on the channel and streamers will sometimes offer additional benefits to subscribers. Streamers split the money with Twitch 50/50. In addition to a standard subscription tier Twitch recently offered additional higher priced tiers. Amazon Prime subscribers get one free Twitch subscription each month.
  2. Ad Revenue – Streamers on Twitch will often take some of their content and re-purpose it on YouTube and other channels. Once their YouTube channel has reached a level of significance YouTube will offer to share in the monetization of the channel by placing ads in front of the content.
  3. Donations – Popular steamers can often make a sizeable amount of revenue off of individual donations made to them. While some donations are for large sums of money viewers often donate smaller micro sized transactions to have their messages read on stream and to support their favorite streamer.
  4. Merchandise – Streamers with a large following have started to establish e-commerce stores selling everything from stickers to t-shirts to mousepads and hoodies.

All of these revenue sources can mean sizeable incomes. Ninja, for example, is quoted as making over $500k a month from streaming. Other streamers make considerably less and as more streamers join Twitch daily they often need to distinguish themselves to develop their own following.

How We Rate Twitch Streamers

We independently identify Twitch streamers. From there our editors review them in a myriad of ways from viewing their stream to checking reviews and comments about them through forums and social media to validating how they treat their followers and subscribers. Our goal is to present objective representations of companies to give consumers informed information to make a decision about who to watch and support. Disclosure: We do receive advertising compensation from some companies. For additional details please click here.

Best Overall
  • Ninja

    • Most Popular Streamer Currently on Twitch
    • Plays Battle Royale Games such as Fortnite
    • Regularly Interacts with Celebrity Fans
    • Previously Played Halo, H1Z1, PUBG
    • Signature Dance is Pom Pom Song
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