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Text Message Marketing Guide

Text messaging has continued to grow and expand as mobile phone and smartphones are now used by almost 280 million Americans. (1) As consumers continue to leverage these devices companies have gravitated their marketing efforts towards encompassing SMS and MMS message to their customers. To aid in these efforts several companies now offer text message marketing services. These services are now wide-ranging, easy to use and affordable. Within this guide we’ll explore how text message marketing works, pros and cons associated, what to look for in companies that offer this and our recommendation.

How Does Text Message Marketing Work?

Text Message Marketing allows individuals and companies to engage with their subscribers via text message. Federal regulations require individuals and businesses to obtain consent prior to sending any promotional texts. Subscribers need to opt-in to receiving marketing texts.

Once subscribers have opted in text message marketing firms make it easy for individuals and companies to utilize their platforms to send everything from text confirmations to contest promotional entries to birthday texts to reminders of upcoming events. These texts can be recorded and analyzed for effectiveness in communicating with subscribers.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Text Message Marketing?

There are several considerations to make before deciding to proceed with a text message marketing company. As with any decision, it’s helpful to have an understanding of the pros and cons associated. Some of them include:


  • Text message marketing is now easy to use and can be fully configured via an online platform.
  • Third party integrations are generally plug-and-play to incorporate with your other platforms and systems.
  • Access to shortcodes; MMS messaging and scheduling of texts are typically included for consumer ease of use.
  • Tracking and reporting have been greatly improved over the years. You’re able to fully understand how your campaigns are working; including tracking links through the texts.


  • Pricing varies quite a bit among companies. Ensure that you’re aware of what features you need and that they meet your requirements.
  • You need to ensure that you’re meeting compliance and legal requirements associated with your campaigns.

How We Rate Text Message Marketing Companies

We independently identify text message marketing companies.  From there our editors review them in a myriad of ways from years in business, product offerings, customer service, and online reviews amongst other criteria. Our goal is to present objective representations of companies to give consumers informed information to make a decision. Disclosure: We do receive advertising compensation from some partners, which influences what companies appear on our site and where they appear. Review Counsel is a subsidiary of Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, Inc. For additional details please click here.


(1) Statista. (2018). Mobile phone users United States 2012-2020 | Statistic. [online] Available at: https://www.statista.com/statistics/222306/forecast-of-smartphone-users-in-the-us/ [Accessed 15 May 2018].

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